Hardcore Heritage on the edge of paroxysm.

Beste Hilde,

Bedankt voor de Powerpoint, ik heb die met veel interesse beluisterd. Ik was nog niet bekend met het begrip paroxisme dus ik heb een hoop geleerd, interessant!

En wat een ontzettend mooie foto's heb jij toch gemaakt van Bunker 599 en Deltawerk //.

Ik zag ook een link met werk dat ik gedaan heb over disability voor een lezing in het Van Abbe Museum (bijgevoegd) en voor een recente filosofische publicatie.

Dit is de link: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01162/full

Groet, Erik 16 juli 2020

RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture - Art - Affordances) operates at the interface of visual art, architecture and philosophy.

Erik and Ronald Rietveld started their multidisciplinary studio in 2006. RAAAF acquired great fame since with location-specific art installations that engage the existing environment and its historical context.

The projects RAAAF not only broaden the concept paroxysm, they are striking examples.

Paroxysm is about extremes, about trying to escape from a category in which one is willy-nilly caught. Paroxysm refers to the questioning of the border (mutually exclusive) pairs of concepts such as action and crime, love and hate, pleasure and pain, peace and war, inside and outside, the norm versus the exception to the norm. Paroxysmal images move on the razor's edge. They investigate the line between madness and genius, eroticism and pornography, between human and inhuman. They question entrenched categories and force to push the custom look. The severity of borderline experiences, the inner explosion and often last attempt to escape it are the hardcore, the explicit hard pit of the imaginary core that is constantly questioned and shifted. The search for an alleged essence from the need for certainties is undermined. After all, there are no essences. Essences are pushed forward characteristics that one prefers, for one reason or another. So there are many essences in function of subjectivity. Nobody understands "everything" from semiotics. Especially when signs precisely contemplate the ambiguity of life and the world and have a layered meaning, and then as changing codes. Paradoxically, "hardcore" (hardcore porn, hardcore punk, hardcore heritage) will liberate people in an anarchist way, stimulate thoughts and soak off stuck opinions. During tight-rope dancing, all senses are fully focused. Paroxism and hardcore stimulate the haptic, tangible experience into the square and into the zenith.

The paroxysm is found in visual images and projects pregnant with contradictions. It's not one or the other but the simultaneity of two opposites: the one and the other.

Through a cultural-philosophical reflection on paroxism, new meanings are created supported by new texts.

The last word is never said.

Hilde Braet, Master in visual culture, juni 2019